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Monday, January 21, 2008

"Award Granted "

A couple days ago I was awarded "The Best Blogging Buddies" Award, for the "Global Communities". Hanna has chosen me and I am very grateful...Thanks Hanna, she is very sweet and reads my blogs while commenting on them too. she blogs about her lifestyle and other fantasic topics, be sure and check them out by clicking on the links, I am honored Hanna THANKS again!!!

Now I guess I need to pick someone that I feel will get this award passed on.
I think that the blog titled "The Captains Bridge" by Thomasshould be chosen because his amazing art and the friendship following for commenting, He is a very sincere gentleman.

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fihanna said...

Simpatica Terry!
Grazie a Te!
I'm happy of to have known you!
Great woman!
Hot embrace Terry.

TOMAS said...

Thanks a lot!
Your coming to my blogs - our pen friendship/sense of spiritual unity - was the greatest reward that as comforts as inspires/urges not to stop, but to beam the love - to participate in sharing of the light. Thank you once more.

The widget of the award too looks grand. Wow, it would be great to have it on Modus Vivendi blog . Unfortunately; I have no idea on how to do that technically. What buttons should I push on, what to copy for to paste it on my blog?