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Saturday, December 22, 2007

What I am doing for Christmas

My kids are going with their Dads place for Christmas except my oldest daughter is in Missouri with her son, and my parent's and my twin sister are having a small Christmas dinner, while me and my boyfriend will be visiting his 2 sons and his daughter for Christmas. Well be having Christmas dinner at one of his son's girlfriends house and everyone will probably show up their on his side of the family. His daughter has 2 son's ages 13, and 10 and from his 2 son's he has 2 Grandsons ages 14, 19, 2 Granddaughters that are 3 and 4 yrs old and his girlfriend has 1 girl age 5 and 1 son age 9, so there will be plenty of kids there. He will have a lot of grand kids there thats for sure.

My youngest just found out she is prengate and she is 17 and a half, so I will be a Grandmother for the second time, I have a Grandson that is 10, my favorite we think on the same level, but sometimes I think he is just smarter then me, he always wins when we play the play stations, gameboys or Xbox's. I sure miss him, he lives in Missouri right now, and I miss my daughter too that there with him, they are 10 States away...

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