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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Picking out the best Christmas Tree

How many trees have you purchase in the your life time? Every years comes that special holiday where is you don't buy a Christmas Tree then it just doesn't seem like Christmas. The scent of the tree is so Christmassy. And every year you wonder if you want to either get a fresh cut tree or a fake one because the Christmas trees have gone up so high due to the gas prices. So you yell inside yourself and hand them the cash for the tree knowing that is only going to be thrown away. I always keep my Christmas tree for a very long time because of how much a tree cost. So what kind of decorations are you going to put on your tree? or are you going to have it flocked this year or just put tinsel on it. Well maybe just ornaments and lights is all. these are some ideas, I posted some pictures for you.

Pick a Tree any

First of all, you need to HUG your Christmas Tree after you've picked it out.

An upside down Christmas

A very large Christmas Tree.

How about an arch Christmas Tree ?

Birds are all over this Tree.

Cartoon Christmas Tree...;)

Christmas Tree in Singapore.

Linus: It's not a bad little tree. All it needs is a little love.

Disposing Christmas trees...
Every year Grays Harbor County partners with local Scout troups to collect Christmas Trees. This event usually begins the weekend after Christmas and continues for the next two weekends after that. The Christmas trees can be dropped off at various locations around the County, or you may contact the Scouts to come and pick the tree up. This is a free community service event, but donations are appreciated. Donations pay for the Boys’ to attend Summer Camp, and participate in other activities.

Trees are used for local erosion control projects, or chipped up and sold for hog fuel. This web page will be updated with next year’s event, so check back to get locations and contact information. For more information about this event contact Grays Harbor County – Solid Waste at (360) 249-4222.

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