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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I think that I have overwhelmed myself with too many blogs. I currently have 8 active blogs, 7 with Google and 1 with myspace. I want to keep the blog on because of the rating is so high and I have so many friends that I have shared a lot of my experiences with, just day to day experiences. So I read a blog this morning on how to become more organized and how to mood myself into the mood of blogging. Check out the link and check out his post he posted this morning. "Stephan Miller".

I also blogged another ""Viral Links"" tag game, you may want to check it out because I might of "Tagged" you. I have experienced the ratings of my "Blogs" go up as much as half just with posting this "viral links" into a couple of my blogs. Thanks to so many friends I was able to do that, pass this game to all of your friends and experience the magic of your technorati ratings going up...thanks for reading and Subscribe to my blogs when you get a chance. Have a wonderful day !!!

1."When Life Becomes a Book"
2.Marketing Myself
3.Across this Bridge
4.Struggling Parents
5.Does Money Mean Everything
6.Internet Lifestyles
7.The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery
8.MySpace Blog

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