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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Open wide

Food is one of the most important thing in our lifestyle, we need it like a vehicle needs fuel. But deciding on foods, diets, and just something general to drink, its been the largest disaster of weight gaining across the world. We decide what to eat on a rushing lifestyle that we don't stop and think what exactly are we shoving into our mouths. Do we decide on what to eat by our diet, our hunger pains, our cravings or our rushing schedule? Do you stop and think what is in the burger meat, whats on top of those fries, or what exactly is in the sandwich? or for that matter, who has handled it to prepare it? did they wash their hands? does it have their hair in it? or did they sneeze into it before they handed it to you? The world is surrounded by types of foods and the choices we have to drink. Next time, consider thinking about what exactly is it that your eating and maybe considering eating what you make yourself, but even then, you have to watch what you buy in the markets today. They are putting chemicals into our meats to make them stay redder for sales and placing the older products in the front so you don't get the freshes items. So check the dates and not the color, and watch where you market.

Fast food nation.




Open wide

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