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Monday, December 10, 2007

Needing some advice, Please

This post is regarding PR (page Rank) and what really works and no follow, do follow.

I am just curious as to know what is the most accurate method to use to determine the PR on your page. Is it the "Alexa", "Google page ranking"", or the "Rankz who's on top?" Do we go by the comments, the visitors, or the technorati ranking. Its all confusing to me and I am fairly new at all this, I basically taught myself on how to get involved with all the communities, clubs and commenting on other friends blogs, and editing my blogs. This blog has not been doing so well and I am considering deleting it, I have enough blogs.

Its crazy but I am also frustrated in how you do the no follow, do follow method, because I know that my page rank would be higher if it wasn't ranking my editing pages, (shit, I have a 9 rating on my editing pages) I cant tell you how many people I have emailed about this subject, maybe I am just dumb, but I just cant comprehend how to do it. Does anyone read my blogs? I am not angry just frustrated and want some answers. Anyone help the stupid to learn about all this? You can email me at, or just leave me a comment...thanks

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