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Monday, December 31, 2007

My Cartoon Character "Harry" Has Traveled the World

Years ago when I was in High School I created a cartoon character and I named him Harry. My brother uses him on his Ham Radio to advertise his station. He sent me links to show me that my character was traveling around the world. I am excited that my cartoon "Harry" is beginning to become a very popular cartoon, maybe he isn't making me any money, but its exciting to know that at least he is able to afford to travel the world in seconds.

My brother is quite talented, I remember that he use to ride his ten speed bike with a CB radio attached to the back of his bike. Now all of that radioing has paid off to actually owning his own Ham Radio Station. His Ham Radio signals reach countries that don't even have telephone lines and when someone is in need of assistance or just general communication he is able to transfer signals to other radios. He is a supervisor of a company that is well known around the world called 3M and he has an amazing website he has developed, so when you get a chance you can visit the site and sign his Guest Book and don't forget to add that his favorite sister Terry (mee mOe) has sent you. Also, he has links that are quite interesting that you should check out, he has Cams linked to everywhere. He builds radio tower lines up to 130ft, he actually climbs these towers to the top, and a couple of time has been on the News, click on the tower climbing link at the bottom of the page, check it out when you get a chance. If you click on the live cam, you can see the gazebo he built himself. Thanks and have a wonderful week !!!

My cartoon character thats famous

My brother about a hundred and thirty feet up on a radio tower...

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