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Monday, December 31, 2007

Many Affiliate companies

I am overwhelmed with all of the affiliates I belong to, trying to keep up with all of those accounts is just crazy. But I did bump into an affiliate combo, or I guess the name of this company is appropriate, Commission Junction; it host many affiliates and one account to keep track of. But the thing is, is that you have to apply to most all of them and get approved. They check out your sites you'd be advertising their products and go from there to approve them and then they send you a email to confirm denial or approval. I think that its the best way, because they carry the largest companies online to advertise, check out this affiliates I belong to and there is more, but darn, I cant keep up with them until I get an email to remind

1.Adsense & Adwords (Google)
3.Commission JunctionClickSense
5.Free IQ
7.Buy a sponsor review
10.Internet marketing center
11.Power Pay affiliates
13.Paid on results

and many more...I am trying very hard to get the traffic flow through my websites and its been getting me frustrated, so I am thinking about taking a break. This video I posted below sounds easy, and I think I will give it a try.
This video is only 7 minutes long, but it holds a lot of information, so check it out...;) HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

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