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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Log Cabins

Some day I would like to have a cabin built all nestled in the mountains away from everybody in quietness and only nature sounds exists. It would be divine, I may get lonesome from time to time but I would be so sweet...:)

Many of the log providers have engineers on staff, that can help you in the design of your project All cabins are custom built to your liking. Selection of a log manufacturer will depend on your preference of log sizes, style and the locations of your building site. Many log manufacturers do ship worldwide. You dream it, and we can build it. Log cabins starting from $100 a square foot, dried in.

Below are some photos of cabins I found off of Google image search..enjoy

putting walls up...

putting the roof up..;)

The way the put these cabins together are very carefully, here is a picture of just the start of building one.

The inside of some of these cabins are gorgeous...;)

smokey mountain cabin...cute..and simple ;)

Can't imagine the window cleaning process on this cabin...;0

Sweet looking cabin, not to big...;) kinda like my style...

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