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Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Dad's 1903 St. Louis automobile is sold back to it original owners family. George Dorris is the original owner, but George Dorris Jr. the 3rd is the one who purchased my Dad's Automobile. So many memories from way back into the past in 1972-1975 we rode in it up and down our street we lived off, I remember the road was named Mountain Ave and it had one small Mountain at the beginning of the street. I remember that past like it was yesterday. The saddest part of the selling of the car is that I don't know how this
will effect my Dad. It was originally my Dad's Grandfathers car he bought from someone else from the first owner of the automobile. My Dad seems saddened by the hole thing, I wish I could cheer him up a little, but my Mom is just trying so hard to get rid of so many of my Dads things he has had for so very long, and I know this sounds crazy, but what else does he have? is he going to go on living when he has nothing to live by but through he's memories of the past he held on so tightly for so many yrs. it puts tears in my eyes to even think about it, I don't understand why my Mother couldn't wait to sell it, the value of the car wont really go up, and they could of sold it after he past away. Just something for him to hold on to, and no one ever considers feelings of belonging from someone saving their memories, and thats a bunch of crap, if you ask me.

The St. Louis automobile was one of the first auto's to run on gas powered engine, with a crank shaft, and it still had the headlights that were lanterns. Not only that but they had only built 12 autos in that yr. the 1904 they put a top on it like a convertible with no windows just like a awning. It will be restored to it original colors and placed into a museum where the other autos he has, I am so happy and thankful that it will go to a family that cherishes the memories of the past.

Next to my apartments I've been staying at, they are tearing down a very old house, looks like it was built in or around 1910, I break into old houses to sense the presence of those memories by touching what is left in them. This house they tore down had a basement made out of concrete, to resembled a bomb shelter, it was unique.

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gypsy soul said...

hi mee moe!
this is such a nice auto - with very interesting stories behind it too.

thank you for dropping by at my blog. i am glad that you did because in turn that lead me into yours. and it was very interesting going over your blog.