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Monday, November 19, 2007

I have several blog accounts in different group medias, you may check them out if you are interested or have the time, I would appreciate it if you rate me, I don't know why the page of my editing is getting such a high rating, it is snagging all the ratings and not allowing the main page be gets all or if any rating. In one of my blog posts I have blogged about nofollow and follow, which is about Google and how it follows everywhere you go including to your editing page and dashboard page, this ruins your main page from getting all the ratings it deserves. I am in the process of trying to stop that. Google says that the reason for the following is because of comment spam, but I still get the spam so what does it really do because ruin the ratings on your main pages you need the rating the most.

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I probably have more accounts, but that all for now folks !!! LOL

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