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Thursday, November 01, 2007


I am treading here
drifting everywhere
With my head above ground
Going absolutely going nowhere
and just anywhere but here

My legs are twirling around
I keep hearing the same old sound

I try to To keep me from sinking under
but then I only see lightening
and hear thunder

I am wondering if I will ever be found
if only my scream can turn into sounds

Getting tired of going nowhere
just anywhere but here

Legs and arms are worn out
I cannot tread any longer
I want to scream and shout

Holding my breath,
about to unfold
Not really know where I will go
Down to the bottom I suppose

I float for awhile,
and no body will know
As my breath seeps out of me
Sinking slowly,
steady and shouting to be free
running out of breath,
like sinking into the sea

My head pounds
as I sink deeper
and probably wont be found

My lungs giving out
so I no longer able to scream and shout

I think to myself that it's over
throw me that white sheet cover

toe tag me
and then maybe I will be free

I cannot hold my breathe for any longer

Will this be peaceful?
am I going as a fool?

As I lye here at the bottom just anywhere
going nowhere
nobody will find me here

Grasping for air that isn't there
dust afloats everywhere
My lungs fill up with no air

Letting go of the last breath wasn't so hard
does this mean I have been dealt the last card?

I am hoping and praying this wont last
forget it all, its all in the past.

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