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Friday, November 30, 2007

Haunted Houses, ghosts and such

I Have always been fascinated in haunted houses and ghost stories, in fact, I wanted to become a ghost buster or just search for phenomenal spirits of souls that have stayed behind. Below are some pictures of haunted houses and some of them with ghost figures.

Ireland’s Eye GhostWatch
In 1912, Helena Blunden was a 16-year-old worker in an Irish linen mill who had aspirations to be an opera singer. Hurrying to get to a concert one evening, she tripped on a mop and fell over a stair railing to her death. Her spirit, they say, still haunts the mill. Her footsteps have been heard along corridors, on the stairs and in a utility room. The webcam broadcasts live from a print room on one floor of the mill. You can report a sighting if you have one. They also have an actual recording of Helena singing, which was made just three months before her death.

This is a haunted library and you can actually see a ghost in this one, click on images to make them bigger.

This is the Norman Bates haunted house from the movie "Physco".

This picture is taken of the Harry Packer haunted house.

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