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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Castle atop a mountain

Castle atop a mountain
In a distance
Where no one else exist
Except a king
Awaiting for his queen
Theirs a hidden fountain of love
In the midst and in the middle
Across the fields of flowers
Theirs a twist
In the meadows through the hours
A kiss that floats amongst the mist
From a queen that the king awaits in his tower
Through the air that's so thick
It devours its power of the kiss
As the king awaits
Thinking the kiss
Never exist
The distance between them
Seems to be a hit and miss
The fountain of love
In the middle of it all
Through the field of flowers
And the amongst the mist
Meeting her there
Her kiss would be there
Does he not know of this?
Awaiting he still waits
Knowing nothing of this
They may never meet
And their kiss will always be missed
Through the fog and the midst
Maybe he doesn't know that
Meeting her half way
His queen actually does exist
Awaiting for her lovers kiss
He maybe waiting however long,
But his queen will be sending
Her kiss forever

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