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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Every year that goes by, the numbers of spending money on your own pets increases. To a lot of people their pets are just as important to them as the rest of their family members. And its easier to buy for your pets then your own children because they aren't picky. You can buy anything for them and they show only unconditional love which is the best love of all, they don't show jealousy, resentment or imprecation. They love you no matter what, they are extremely happy to see you and they wait up for you when you come in late with no arguments, they are just happy to see you, even if you don't show a lot of affection towards them they still love you without any questions.

I had a Chinese Pug I got for Christmas one year from when I was married, way back in 1993, I named her Buffy and I got her when she was 5 weeks old, the best dog I ever had and she past away in the summer of 2005. When she pasted away I felt I had died inside, I cried for days because she wasn't there for me when I got off work or came home from being somewhere. I still think of her everyday and wish I could have her back. I bred her and she had 8 puppy pugs, one for each titty, but she didn't have enough milk to nurse all of them so me and my kids bottle fed most of them. Birthing them was dramatic, she had to have a C-section and the vets office was a motor home. All of the Pugs were born dead, we had to revive them by giving them CPR, and we revived all of them. We ended up keeping one because he had a white paw and one white toe nail, so everyone was saying he wasn't purebred, even know he was. We named him Benson and he lives with my X-husband in Reno Nevada where its cooler. He is getting up there in age, he is almost 11 yrs old, I see him from time to time when my kids visit their Dad, he belongs to my youngest daughter but she lives with me in California. I still love pugs, and I'm thinking about getting another pug and breeding them again. Check out the pet costumes I found on Google search images...Have a great week !!!

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