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Friday, September 07, 2007

If networking on the Internet sounds like something you would be interested in, you are
encouraged to learn more about it, such as the dangers of social networking. These
dangers often involve online predators or individuals who claim to be someone that they
are not.
Although danger does exist with networking online, it also exists with networking out in
the real world. As when you are meeting friends at a bar, school, or work, you are
advised to proceed with caution online. By being aware of your surroundings and who
you are talking to, you should be able safely enjoying social networking online.
Once you have learned everything that you feel you need to learn, about social
networking online, you can begin to search for networking communities to join.
This can easily be done by performing a standard Internet search. Your search will likely
return a number of results, including MySpace, FriendWise, FriendFinder, Yahoo! 360,
Facebook, Orkut, Friendster, and Classmates.

Why Social Networking Sites Are So Popular
Social networking websites, over the past few years, have rapidly increased in
popularity, so much that many are wondering why.
If you have used a social networking website before, it is likely that you are already fully
aware of their popularity and the reason for popularity. There is just something about
these websites that draw in millions of Internet users. With a wide variety of different
social networking websites available, there are a wide variety of different reasons for
their popularity. One those reasons being the ease of use.
Social networking websites are, for the most part, easy to use. Most sites are easy to
navigate. In fact, many require little knowledge of the Internet. In addition to being easy
to navigate, social networking websites also make it easier to meet new people online.
There are many Internet users who would love to make new friends online; however, that
can sometimes be difficult do.

Without social networking websites, you would have to connect with Internet users, often
in chat rooms, and learn about their interests before deciding if you would like to
consider them your “buddy.” Social networking sites allow you to learn information
about another Internet user before ever having to make contact with them.
Another one of the many reasons why social networking sites are popular is because
many are free to use. In fact, the majority of social networking sites, such as MySpace
and Yahoo! 360, are free to use.

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