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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Light does not conquer darkness by pushing the darkness out
of the way. Rather, the light comes into the darkness and
transforms it with brilliant, positive energy.

In the same way, the obstacles in life are not conquered by
fighting them on their own terms or attempting to push them
out of the way. The best way to move past a difficult
situation is to transform it with positive, productive

No matter how much you push against the darkness it will not
go anywhere. Yet the moment you shine your light, the
darkness is no more.

When you fight against your problems, all it usually
accomplishes is to make them stronger and give them more
validity. That's certainly not what you would ever intend.

Instead, seek to transform those problems, those difficult
situations, by virtue of your own positive values and
efforts. Focusing on what you're working toward is far
better than being obsessed with whatever you think you're

Rather than struggling against the situation, give the best
you have to it. Rather than fighting darkness with more
darkness, transform that darkness by letting your light

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