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Sunday, September 09, 2007

For thousands of years , people have been fascinated with the predictions of the end of the world. If we look into the inspired writings of the biblical profits and apostles, we find many prophecies that refer to the end. Should we take them seriously? Are the world conditions such that the predictions could be fulfilled in our day?

Jesus Christ himself talked of a future time so horrendous that no human beings could be spared. Many prophecies leave us and no doubt that increasingly cataclysmic events would occur before God's direct interven we know that he will demonstrate itself and behavior which travel . we can , as a society to think of evil . almost as physical entity, as we think of when I our gun. Our Western culture portrays evil as a Redskins satanic creature with 2 horns holding in pitchfork and weaving his spike tail. In human affairs these terrifying prophecy will see their fulfillment at some future time.

Since the events of September 11, 2001, president George W. Bush and members of the Bush administration have presented the world with an unrelenting repetition of the concepts of absolutely good versus absolutely evil terrorists and evildoers engage in war on freedom.

The terrorists, and those associated with them, our address is evildoers and the evil ones. Evil everywhere and anywhere because evil knows no borders, no boundaries. Nearly every act and every motive attributed of the eve of ones . is painted with delivery evil intentions. For example , even ones come from a cold of evil in our armed with the designs and power of evil. The theme of ones a clear and present danger and our enemies of freedom and a danger to civilization.

However, these even ones are apparently not embued with self direction. They have been described as the instruments of evil, motivated by hate. In these evil ones . even has found a willing servant.

In the ancient battle between good and evil , the evil ones have struck the innocent victims of September 11, 2001. America has a compassionate nation , a freedom loving people, cannot comprehend these hateful actions and our alleged to frequently asked why do they hate as?

America is preliminary battle against evil , resulted in operation during freedom designed to locate and destroy Osama bin Laden , and al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan. Next, since it was necessary to expand against the axis of evil , engaged in the lower of freedom, late in the 2002 . in early 2003, a coalition of the willing , was enlisted in the fight against evil in Iraq, i.e. operation in Iraqi freedom, to combat terrorism . now said to be promoted by Saddam Hussein. In particular, Saddam was hiding weapons of mass destruction , which the United States. The numerous countries , which form the collation were presented with the scenario of us versus them in a challenge by President Bush and demanded that they were either with us are against us.

President Bush has expressed that out of evil comes good sense even terrorists, to include al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, are being conquered.

President Bush is not the first US president to attempt to affiliate , America's enemies with evil. President Ronald Reagan, in depicting the former Soviet union as an evil empire, implore that there was a moral foundation to his efforts to contain an even the see the former Soviet union as an evil empire, implore that there was a moral foundation to his efforts to contain an even in defeat before Soviet union. Ironically, was named the figures that the Bush administration regards , as evildoers come from the same mujahideen guerilla movement in Afghanistan that the Reagan administration supported as freedom fighters in a battle against Soviets.

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