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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Across This Bridge Ominous, ever present; Like a vulture awaiting the feast, Is my painful knowledge That even as I hold you Nearer and nearer to my heart, One day I may no longer have that right.
With each rising sun, I suffer the myriad of emotion, As my love for you thrives Wild and untamed. I am restrained by the chains of your world; A self-imposed exile of duty and devotion.
With each rising moon, I explore myself and try to see myself as you do.
I am not strong. Yet in my desire to protect your heart, I would portray myself as such.
I am not generous. Yet in my need to love you I would endure my isolation.
I am not beautiful. For in my longing to remain with you, I must control the piqued jealous beast that lurks Just beneath my skin.
I am not at peace. For each day I fight to maintain what remains of a mind that grew wings on the day you wrote to me.
And even as I love you, And even as I cherish you and vow "someday" and "forever", you say silently, sorrowful farewell And live with my imminent exile.
I will fall passively, with scarcely a sound. For you could no more compel me to be with you than you could force me to stop loving.
But on the eve of my banishment search the sky for a radiant star. For that will be the light that once lived in my eyes. And listen to the wind for in it you will hear my weeping. And feel a warm rain flow across your skin for that will be my tears.
And know that I do not go peacefully across this bridge of my life without you

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